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Lunatic wearing ceremonial Moose antlers.
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Presumed people cared enough to read this drivel.

A Mad Genius or just Mad ?

There have been those who accuse me of a little more than the usual insanity reserved for the exceptionally gifted, to them I say:

Fools! I shall destroy you all!

I have, over the course of a shortish and not especially varied life, come up with a number of ingenious plans, curious ideas and bloody stupid schemes.
Some of these have even reached the stage of 'Almost Finished' before boredom, ennui and general apathy overtook me.
Here are a few of the least preposterous awaiting launch upon an unsuspecting world...

This space intentionally left blank

What else does this idiot do ?

Half a hundred daft and entertaining things, some of which are more pointless than others, but not much.

My Card

Governments Deposed
The Impossible attempted
Agreements Enforced
Ultimatums Delivered
Chastisements Administered
Mercenaries Deployed
Arguments Settled
Bars Quaffed Dry
Euphoria & Co.
Forces of Evil OverThrown
Oppressors Vanquished
Prisoners Released
High Places Reached
Information Obtained
Explanations Concocted
Heavy Weights Lifted
Quests Undertaken
Cocktails Mixed

Professionally, I'm a Computer Programmer.
Mostly I design and write computer games, people have said mixed things about the results.
I agree with all of them, it seems safer that way.

Privately I do other stuff too, zooming around at monstrous speed on my bike,
enjoying the company of a statuesque blonde who shares my house and a petite brunette who shares the rest of me.


I'm an EvilBloodDrinkingDevilSpawn Role-Player in what little spare time I have.
Mostly A.D&D with a tad of various other things thrown in for variety.
Currently running two onoing campaigns and playing in another, foolishness I know.

In past times I've been a fairly serious MUG player, still poke my nose in every so often
Evidence of my past crimes still exists, much to my surprise...

In the past I've been a Delusional Paranoid, an Alien Spy sent to test Mankind and in places a Normal Human (tm)
The last only briefly as it didn't suit my temperament at all.

Seen here is a photograph of my favourite hallucination.
Note the wonderful detail in the scale patterns and the way that the Dragon
cleans his claws with such extreme delicacy.

This photo was taken in a tent at Glastonbury Festival some years ago.
It never fails to bring back memories of donughts, loud music and really serious mud.

Any More Like You At Home ?

Well, strictly speaking No.But I have a number of god friends whose idea of a fun time can be anything from a mass frog juggling session to the design of a supercooled solid state jet thruster.
Or Not.


  • Susan Bell Romero, Alias Groovey Sue.
    One of the reasons why god made girls, and Guy "Nazz" Dawson
    Deeply in love with the above in an Oh smeg we got married kind of way...
  • Dan "DarkTrick" Laufer.
    Without whom etc..etc...
Sue, seen here clad in fakeskin, before she got wed... Sue, delightful Girl
Alex just wishing that
Resevoir Dogs 2 was casting...
  • Lisa !Konrad Sweet and innocent as a rattlesnake on PCP.
Chris falls asleep at parties, poor chap... Chris, seen here asleep,
traditional potato on head
Vicky never did get
the hang of these things.
  • Vicky "Badriya" Aylesh
    Voted "Most likely to kill her friends by accident"

Oh Gods, you mean there's more of this Drivel ?

Of course there's more, who do you think I am ?
Some shallow, self centred spotty little oik with no life and nothing do to but type meaningless dross into whichever machine I happen to be sat in front of.
Hmm, is that what you think, is it..?

Of course I don't think that, you're obviously a warm and caring human being with many good points.
Well yes actually, I think you're probably a shallow self centred spotty little oik.
Who the Hell do you think you are? Keith Richards ?

I am, amongst other things an Orthodox Discordian, (Hail Eris) and as such hold the chaos inherent in programming more than little sacred.

Her Lovely Ladiness Kandice III
The Keeper of the Ring on God's Right Hand
General Superstar in the Octarine Army
Gracious Polymam of the High Church of
Fundamental Protectoplasmic Joy


One of the few things I've actually Done in this area is begin the writing of
The Dubious Book of Waz, which,along with the Honest Book of Truth and the Dishonest book of Lies, go to make up very little of anything at all as it happens.

This stirring tome, this paragon of prose is soon to be if not published, then at least unleashed upon an unsuspecting world.

An Unsuspecting World
Who's fault is that I hear you ask...
Well, it's Mags's fault. She made me do it, really she did, honest to Goddess and other similar statements.

Not that I mind of course, being made to do something by someone as sweet and unassuming as Mags is often more fun than doing things by choice with other chums, be they barking mad or merely slightly cracked.  

Read the Principa Discordia.
Discover Eris in your Pineal Gland
The Chao, tis most sacred. Read the Book of Waz
Teach your cat to fly

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