Greetings, I am Jane Barnett, daughter of Thog the Mighty,
latest generation of the Illustrious Barnett family

This is me when I'm with the Band
yes, I am the one on the right...

The band basically stopped happening a couple of years ago. We had some excellent lyrics, largely written by Alexa (on the left) but no actual talent, or anywhere to rehearse for free.

Toxic Frock..


I have clones. This is not me. I have never met her. But she could be my twin.

I was in a tube carriage with five of me once - I didn't notice until my flatmate started talking to the wrong one. So if I cut you dead at any point, it could be because it's not me

If you look like me, or know someone who does, email me a picture.


Currently I am training to be a Maths Teacher. Despite everyones advice I have persisted and think it is the best job I've ever had, although it is naturally not without it's stressful moments, or indeed weeks. Contrary to popular belief these are usually not due to the kids.

(Do we have children, or do we have baby goats in this school?

Sometimes I wonder.)


I do a little roleplaying now and again, and am, of course, a master of disguise...